Covid Operational Guidelines For Children's Classes 2021




Our Covid 19 regulations are in place at all our venues until such times as current Government restrictions are eased. 

Edinburgh Dance School at Inch Park Community Sports Club


Drop off and pick up arrangements - Inch Park Sports Club


Street Dance Club & BallroomJuniors Club children


Drop-off: Children in our Street Dance and BallroomJuniors Club’s will enter the building through the usual entrance (main door at the front of the building). Sorry, but no parents from Street Dance or BallroomJuniors Club are permitted in the building. Please ensure you make use of the hand sanitising station at the entrance doorway, and maintain social distancing at all times once inside. Children will be met by a staff member at the top of the stairway who will escort them into the classroom.

At the end of class, children will exit via the main door at the front of the building. Parents can meet /collect their children as they exit the front door. Please ensure you maintain social distancing at all times if waiting outside.
If a child becomes unwell or unsettled, the parent /guardian will be contacted by phone to collect their child. In this instance, one adult is permitted to enter the venue via the front door and pick their child up from the foyer at the top of the stairs, and exit via the main front door. PARENT/GUARDIANS MUST WEAR A MASK WHENEVER INSIDE THE BUILDING.


TwinkleStars Ballet Club children

We of course realise that TwinkleStars Ballet children may feel a little nervous starting dance class, and one parent/ guardian of our TwinkleStars children will be allowed to remain in our designated temporary waiting area during class time. Seating in this area will be at a set social distance and should not be moved or adjusted. No toilet facilities are available for adults at the venue. If your children need to use the toilet during class the parent/guardian will be asked to take them, and be required to wipe down the facilities after use. Wipes and antibacterial cleansers are provided in the toilet area for this purpose.


Hand sanitiser will be provided at all of our venues. We ask that all students utilise this before touching any of the surfaces in the building. We also encourage you to pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser for your child to use throughout class if necessary.


We ask that all students arrive READY for class and DO NOT USE ANY CHANGING AREAS. Please ensure that your child brings

A water bottle WITH NAME on A small bottle of hand sanitiser

There will be designated spots (a chair, or cubby hole) for each childs be- longings at each venue.

We ask that outdoors shoes are taken off and left outside the studio (there

will be a designated coat/shoe area for each studio). Please arrive NO EARLIER than 5 minutes prior to the




Please ensure you are prompt on pick up, and if you are running late please

message your class assistant ASAP to let them know (the class assistant for Inch Park classes will be our school Principal Felicity - 077034 83809). We ask that you then message us on your arrival and we will bring your EDS student to you, outside of the front door of the venue.



Toilets will be in use during class times for students only, however, please do ensure your child has visited PRIOR to coming to class. Older students will be reminded about handwashing and asked to use the sanitising station after attending the toilet.


If your child, or anyone within your household, has any COVID-related symptoms your child MUST NOT attend their dance class. Confirmation of COVID not / no longer being present within your household must be given to EDS in the form of a doctors note, before your child recommences class- es.



What the EDS Teaching Team will be doing:

1. Sanitising all frequently touched surfaces in between classes.
2. Ensuring deep cleans at the beginning and end of a teaching day.
3. Wearing masks in communal areas.
4. We have scheduled our timetable with suitable intervals between classes where there would alternatively be a busy crossover of students.

5. This terms timetable ensures, in the most part, that the same groups of children will be dancing with each other throughout the week(if applicable). 6. We have set out one-way entrance and exits, where possible and necessary, at our venues.
7. Students will be encouraged to maintain distance whilst dancing and in their breaks, where possible. Students over the age of 12 will be dancing 2m apart.
8. We have capped numbers of classes in line with recommendations for our venue sizes and ventilation systems.

9. We will not be singing in classes with students over the age of 12, and those under 12 will have minimal singing work in class which will be socially distanced.

Thank you so much for your co-operation with our Edinburgh Dance School COVID Plan!




Edinburgh Dance School 2021 Covid Compliance Certificate
Edinburgh Dance School 2021 Covid Compliance Certificate
2021 EDS Covid Cert.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]
Edinburgh Dance School Covid Operational Plan 2021
Edinburgh Dance School Covid Operational Plan 2021
EDS Covid Plan May 2021 (WORD)(PDF).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [70.6 KB]


Term dates at a glance


Term 1: 01/05/21 - 26/06/21

8 weeks


Summer Camp Week 1

12/07/21 - 16/07/21

09.30am - 2.30pm


Summer Camp Week 2

09/08/21 - 13/08/21


Term 2: 21/08/21 - 16/10/21

9 weeks


Term 3: 06/11/21 - 11/12/21

6 weeks


View the full timetable here






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