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First Wedding Dance Lessons at EDS with Learn2Wedding Dance

Check out the cost of First Wedding Dance lessons, and how many

you will probably need to look and feel great on the dance floor here!


Learning Your First Dance


For most wedding couples, learning their First Dance means exactly that !

"This is the first dance lessons we've ever had, and the thought of it, and dancing in front of our friends and family, is a little scary".

If this is how you are feeling, don't worry, your not alone.

Almost every couple who comes to us to prepare for that very special moment on their wedding day felt exctly the same.

But they all came to Learn 2 Wedding Dance, had a great time, and left looking forward to their First Dance, feeling confident and relaxed knowing they had prepared.

Your dance teacher Felicity has years of experience in the world of dance, and has helped thousands of couples look and feel fantastic for their big moment.


What Will Our First Dance Look Like




Click here to see how other couples looked on their big day.




How Much do lessons cost and how many will i need ?


You can see the price of lessons and some advice on how many we think you will need to look and feel great on the dance floor

by clicking here


Daring or Safe ?

Your First Dance can be whatever you pictured it to be. Whether it's that famous scene from the Dirty Dancing movie, a ceilidh or just a nice controlled shuffle around the dance floor you had in mind, we can help.


Do you want to dance a set dance style ?

Felicity has trained to the highest levels in most dance styles and can get you up

to speed with all Latin American and Ballroom dances. So if you fancy impressing your guests by gliding around the floor with a waltz maybe, then this is the choice for you.


How about a choreographed dance ?

Instead of a fixed style like Waltz or Tango, most wedding couples are choosing to have their first dance choreographed specifically for them, and their chosen song. This makes learning more fun. Instead of having to memorise and learn
complicated moves in a set dance like a waltz, you get to do the dance how you
pictured it. Before you start boogying, Felicity will have a chat with you about any ideas you might have and how you pictured your dance looking. Felicity will then work with you, building your routine in a fun and relaxed way.


Don't Worry, You've Got Us On Your Side

If you just can't make your mind up at all, whether it's about which dance style is best for you, which song to choose, or your just worried about dancing in your wedding dress, then give Felicity a call or click the ' Getting Started With Your First Wedding Dance ' button and leave her a message.


"I believe that preparing for your First Wedding Dance

will probably be the most fun part of all your big day preparations.

You are going to have a great time during your lessons with

 Learn 2 Wedding Dance, and learn something very special, something you

will take and keep with you both, forever".

Felicity X

Tel: 077034  83809

The Learn 2 Wedding Dance studio in Edinburgh is dedicated entirely to couples who wish to prepare for their first wedding dance.

L2WD Studio

132 Captains Road,

Edinburgh, EH17 8DU.


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